WOW! RIVER ROCKS!  You weren't kidding when you said River was smooth!  OMG, I've never ridden a gaited horse as smooth as him!  I'm totally sold on Rockies now. . I love all his gears when he racks, slow medium and SMOKIN.'  He slipped into a canter a couple of times and I couldn't believe how smooth that was either!  I couldn't believe I didn't have to do anything to keep him in gait.  He nevthnaker went out of gait either!  Nothing like my TWH.  So I am telling everyone I know that Rockies are the only way to go! 
Thought you might want to see how beautiful River is after shedding out. He's so BLACK!  Isn't he a beauty?  Everyone stares at him. Thank you so much for an awesome horse! We are really building a bond.

Thought I would update you on Turner....he is doing very well. Have been doing a lot of hands on with him ( petting, brushing, etc....) and he seems to be loving all the attention. So far we have not had to catch him at all, he comes to us ; ) Took him out for a five mile trail ride today and was very pleased for his first time out. He let us saddle him like a pro. We rode through the woods, up and down hills, along side a river, along side a busy highway, and along side a train track which a train actually came by which we had not expected but all went well. He seems to have a very nice demeanor and wants to please. So far...so good!!!! ; )
~Cindy Miller


Journey's papers came in the mail yesterday. He is now registered AND 
certified. Exciting!
Thanks so much for all the work on your part in getting that set up.

He is so much fun..yesterday I rode him  past a large fenced dog 
kennel, which is right beside the road
on which we were riding. The kennel is overgrown with giant weeds and 
brush that partially obscure
the enclosure AND its occupant, a huge bloodhound. Just as we gaited 
by, the dog jumped at the fence,
through the weeds, baying like he was hot on the trail of an escaped 
Journey never even broke stride!  He just twitched an ear and tilted 
his head a little in the dog's
direction and kept clipping right along.
I was so thrilled and relieved to see his sensible reaction.
I had gotten so I dreaded that spot on my route because my other 
horse always threw some
sort of fit...even if the dog was silent and didn't move.

Journey continues to prove himself as a wonderfully fun horse.
Thanks again,


My husband and I were in search of a gaited horse and came upon Easy Gait Farms.  Needless to say these Rockies are NOTHING like the TWH we had, personality, gait, brains, you name it they have it.  They are so calm and loving it amazes me every day how great they are.  We were so impressed with their horses we bought 2!  A two year old and 3 year old, both of which are the loves of our lives........you guys have changed our lives for good.  Only Rockies for us from here on out!  ~Dee and Elliott


Hi Judy,
Just wanted to give you an update on Journey. Eileen and I rode for about 2 1/5 hours yesterday on dirt back roads and I am pleased to report that Journey did great.  It was so much fun to just ride by mailboxes and parked farm equipment and culverts without having to deal with spooking and jumping. He crossed a rough wooden bridge without even hesitating; we were passing a pond when a huge flock of geese suddenly launched into flight - his only response was to turn his head and flick one ear;. I am so excited about riding now. I had the vet over this morning for a Coggins draw and fecal sample for worms.. Vet called to say there were no worms.
I am really looking forward to getting to know him better.

We are proud to present a new future breeding stallion on our farm. 
Reg KM/RM DreamCathers Sam's Secret Sun. I am very excited about this young stallion as he is a grandson to my grey Sewells Sam daughter. Sewells Blaze Of Glory and he is also going to be grey. His sire is Secret Sam and Dam is Onyx Black Ice. He has some very old bloodlines . 
Thank you Judy for making this possible.

Jane Gean

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